JUST REMEMBER - Your Community For Loss and GriefJUST REMEMBER - Your Community For Loss and Grief

Healing With Dr. Heidi

Join us on February 20th from 3PM - 4PM Pacific for our monthly session with Dr. Heidi Green (Licensed Clinical Psychologist).

This month's session will be centered around:

Grief and Your Relationships:

  • How the death of a loved one affects your friendships/relationships going forward
  • Why solitude can be a blessing and a curse
  • How to deal with friends who don't understand grief

Dr. Heidi Green is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice specializing in trauma healing. She trained at a world-renowned center for trauma and addiction treatment, Psychological Counseling Services, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Green maintains a strong social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Information on mental health and trauma recovery can be found on her handle @drheidigreen. She has been featured as a mental health expert several times on the national television show, The List. Dr. Green published a book in 2020 focused on self-love after trauma titled The Path to Self-Love and World Domination. She has developed a workshop based on her book which she presents to individuals seeking education on how to reduce negative self-talk and improve self-worth. More information on mental health and emotional wellness topics can be found on her website, drheidigreen.com.

This sessions will be free to all attendees.